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July 4, 2013
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The Gimp BrushBox v2.1 by GrindGod The Gimp BrushBox v2.1 by GrindGod
Wow... making this Set has taken more time than i expected! It's the most complete and biggest work on Brushes i made until now.

Okay - more about this Set... As usual when i create Brushes i set the Focus on Digital Painttools (Simulating Real brushes/pencils) and Texturing with "premade" Effects and special brushes like Grass/Clouds/Foliage and so on. But for nearly every Brush, i had on my mind, that it is usable in a lot of different ways and that it is not to specific.
Every Brush in the Set is fine adjusted so that you could start painting without worrying about dynamics or Brush Settings too much.

So here is what you get:

- all brushes organized by usage
- 162 different Brush Tips
- 70 Dynamics
- 251 Presets

- The Brushes are made for the use with a pressure sensitiv device (Graphic Tablet). You can use them with a mouse - but with a tablet its more fun^^
- The Brushes are made with Gimp 2.8.4; All Presets/BrushTips and Dynamics are made by me. There is nothing modified or copied from other Sets in it!
- The content is free to use commercial and non-commercial.

Installation Instructions:


(included in the Download)

Extension: The Gimp TextureBox
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-07-06
A huge collection of brushes for GIMP, generously offered up for free! The Gimp BrushBox by ~GrindGod ( Suggested by Kida-neechan and Featured by PirateLotus-Stock )
IdanCarre Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I only recently decided that I could not longer deal with the measly options of "basic paintbrush" and the freaking ridiculous "pepper" paintbrush on gimp… thank you for making this and really this goes out to anyone who makes these brushes… We appreciate your work immensely. :)
Wow, thank you so much for these amazing GIMP brushes! :)

GrindGod Jan 15, 2014   Digital Artist
np, have fun with them :)
Greyeyedeve Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Many, many thanks for the hard work you have put into this resource.Bunny-Emoji-02-(Joyful)
GrindGod Dec 11, 2013   Digital Artist
Done with pleasure :)
thanks for the help and sharing the brushes .interesting . please could you add a tutorial with gimpies so we get an idea of how you created your texture brushes .not so much as the mechanics but the shapes and designs would be interesting for future knowledge .I know this is not the only thing you do in life so will be patient if your willing thankyou
GrindGod Sep 13, 2013   Digital Artist
I have used a software that is specialized on creating seamless textures. Link:…
The use of this software has to be learned for its own, but it is not very difficult. Finding the shapes and designs that could be interesting for brushes is more a question of experience and trial. The 30 Textures from my organic texture set are chosen from about 100 i have rendered before. It is more an ongoing process that is hard to be reduced into a tutorial. Just experiment with shapes and forms and let yourself be surprised :)
thank you for your feed back and the links i'll get stuck in appreciate this . I do love the community on this site helps me learn some good stuff .
leppakakaklifoth Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
great work
GrindGod Sep 13, 2013   Digital Artist
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