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As the title says it is time to bring a fresh update to the Journal... 

New Design

All my stock and resource Stuff got a new and fresh Coverdesign (with a few exceptions). Also i have sorted out some older resources that do not meet my own quality standards.

Blog Update

I have changed the Theme and overall Look of my Blog to a more clean and modern style. New Articles and content will follow, but it's a time consuming business and my To-Do List is not the shortest at all^^

Upcoming Resource Updates

These Brushsets will get an update asap (planned to get this done before the year ends):


Krita Modular Brushset V4 by GrindGod 


The Gimp BrushBox v2.1 by GrindGod   Basic Brush Set v3.0 by GrindGod

I want to increase the practical usage and decrease the amount of used presets/brushes for these Sets, bringing more focus on the essentials and the tools that have proofed to be useful. One topic that is important to me and that will influence the work on these Tools, is the Fusion of pure Digital Painting with digital-simulated Traditional Painting. I could write a lot about this and the idea behind, but for now i like to leave this as a note without further explanation...

Interesting Stuff

As i mostly do when, i am updating my journal i want to point you to some interesting sites and useful stuff... so if you like to browse into the web finding new toys to play here are some recommended things to take a look at...


Plaintextures has raised the available content greatly with tons of new high resolution, tiled textures (seamless textures) and a growing libary of brushes (abr and jpeg). Useful for a wide range of software and tasks (stamp, texturize, painting/drawing brushtips, alphas for sculptris/zbrush and more...). It's worth to take a look at this site - the account is free. No spam or anything negative to say about from my side.

div2 by SoulDrive

Butterfly Shout by Ico-dY

Krita has made big steps in development, being faster and more stable on all platforms, where it is available (including Windows builds). Krita is a great opportunity for young artist, who dive into the business as well it is a true alternative or addition for any professional. Do not ask if Krita beats commercial software, cause Krita goes own ways with Developers that truly hear and response to the needs and wishes of the Artists using it. As a young artist you have the unique chance to grow together with Krita and its community - so don't miss it!

Krita Group on Deviant Art:


div2 by SoulDrive

Gimp Users on G+

The last recommendation goes to the Gimp users on Deviant Art. Since i have started to use G+ more intensively in the last months, there is one community, that has become a really nice place for me to get in touch with interesting people that share the same passions - Gimp Users on G+

This community has a lot of active and friendly members, but not to much to feel anonymous in a mass... There's alway some interesting news or postings to start a conversation. No trolls or haters around - just fun. So be part of it :)

So long, i hope you found some interesting stuff to read and don't forget to visit my Blog :D

Wendy-the-Creeper Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013   General Artist
I'm looking forward to trying out Krita ^^ I still need to upgrade to Win7, but I'm currently in the process of backing up my files. I might just forgo backing up my GIMP brushes and just redownload them just to save time, but I would have to see how much time that would take. 
GrindGod Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013   Digital Artist
Ah cool, sounds good.. i know it could be time consuming to upgrade or change an OS. The most important is to backup personal files, you could not recover from anywhere else if they get lost. So don't hesitate, krita will wait for you^^
If you like digital painting with a tablet, and i guess you do, you will love Krita. It has so much unique features to improve the experience in digital painting like no other software out there. I have seen that you are following my Blog now - cool:) The next Article i will write (today) might be interesting for you - it will be about hardware and how to setup an ergonomic place to work at home.
Wendy-the-Creeper Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013   General Artist
Yeah, backing up stuff is important, though I'm upset that I won't be able to effectively backup all of my songs on osu!(10 GB in a winrar archive; I actually have space on Google Drive, but with the Internet connection around here...). I think I can shove the rest of my stuff onto an old mp3 player, since that won't clog up the Internet connection as much. 

I plan on doing a custom install so I can get rid of the extra crap on the computer left behind by my bro, I like to start with a clean slate : ) I'll be redownloading most of my programs and brushes, I'll make sure to read your newest article!
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